The Silent Thunder

The Explosives – A Tribute

We entered with a bang and exited with a blast. The reverberations of these explosions would resonate in the corridors and echo off the walls of the Faculty of Law, ICFAI University, Dehradun for eons to come. This is because the explosions were caused by 92 explosives collectively known as the ‘Batch of 2011’.

17 July, 2006 was the day when all of us stood together as ‘strangers’ to one another. 9 May, 2011 was the day when all of us stood together once again, and this time not as strangers, but as one big ‘family’. A family whom I’ll miss for the rest of my life. 4 years and 297 days is the gap between these two dates, and a lot has happened in this time span. There have been fights as well as reconciliations. There have been crushes, infatuations, love as well as hatred, and heartbreaks. There have been strikes, mass bunks, disagreements with teachers, excursions, get-togethers, regionalism, secularism, night outs, booze sessions, impromptu outings. In short, we have done it all, we have spent the golden years of our life with people who are and will always be priceless for each one of us.

Our strike in the very first semester was the first instance when our united presence was first felt and the college came to know that our batch would have to be dealt with very carefully. Being the largest batch, even the college administration was afraid of us to some extent. A lot of things changed with time – campus, faculty members, administration, classrooms. But what did not change was our togetherness, our solidarity, which in fact only grew and strengthened with time. This togetherness and solidarity raised its head once again and shook the ground beneath everyone’s feet just before the final examinations of our last semester in college when we decided to attempt only the objective part during the examinations. The college did everything it could to break our unity, but their attempts only strengthened our resolve.

The first time it dawned on us that our days in college are now numbered was on 27 Aprill, 2011 when our juniors gave us a ‘Farewell Party’. The very thought of it was enough to bring tears in our eyes. But it was on 9 May, 2011 that the hard and unpleasant reality hit us that those numbered days have finally come to an end, and each one of us would be going our separate ways in a few more days. And that was the day when the tears gushed out and flowed incessantly.

It’s very tough to summarize this golden era in these few lines, and honestly speaking I can’t go on with this now. Because I don’t have any more words to describe this family that I had lived with all these years. Each one of us has been special for every one of us and for the college. From now on, this Batch of 2011 will be talked about whenever and wherever ICFAIans would meet.

I know this post is imperfect because I don’t know what more to write. There is a lot to say, but the space is not enough. This post is my attempt to pay tribute to my batch-mates, my family, ‘The Explosives’ of the Batch of 2011.

PS: Please forgive me if I, intentionally or unintentionally, have hurt any one from the 92 of us.


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2 thoughts on “The Explosives – A Tribute

  1. Chitra Parmar on said:

    you can write a book on bonding … seems you were a strongly bonded batch of 92 explosives … nice nice

  2. Awesome way to put your emotions on paper… though here it’s on a post… nevertheless… very well expressed!

    You exploded with an entensity all your batch mates will adore!

    Kudos to you all..
    Wish you all a bright and happy present and future..

    Peace and Prosperity,

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