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Reading versus Writing

Flipping through the pages of a book is a piece of cake when compared to putting a pen to a blank paper to scribble one’s thoughts. Reading a book is a far more easier option than writing one. After all, reading only requires picking up a book and start reading. It doesn’t need any of the brainstorming that one finds people engaging in while writing. Whereas, writing a book is like climbing Mount Everest without wearing the proper gear for mountaineering.

Initially I hated reading books, but when I started reading, I never stopped. I read books even now, though the pace has lessened a bit. At first, I used to think how easy it would be to write a book. To sit down with a pen and paper, and keep on writing without any obstacles or hurdles in the path. But when I started writing my book I came to know that it’s one Herculean task. While writing I got to know what all a writer has to go through to write one single book – deciding on a plot, building up the characters, keeping a check on the language and grammar – these are some of the many things that a writer has to keep in mind.

The book that we see in a bookshop is the finished work for one to read. That finished work might have been written in a week or may be it would have taken a year or more to write. The time taken to write a book depends on the writer. A reader, while reading a book enjoys the story that is in front of him, but he is unaware of the pains the writer has taken to pen that story down so that the reader enjoys the book.

After reading a lot of books, getting published one, and writing my second, all I can say is that reading is like walking on the road that has already been built, whereas writing is like building the very road from scratch on which you would walk later.



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11 thoughts on “Reading versus Writing

  1. I totally understand what is reading versus writing… its same like eating versus cooking 😛

  2. jerly on said:

    Hmm..for a whole book true, for a poem its sometimes easy to pen…

  3. priyansha singh on said:

    good but it is too short

  4. nycly wrote.. btw wots d name of ur 1st book ???

  5. the title is “Legally, Lovingly Yours”

  6. yamini on said:

    Lovely post! Enjoyed it.. identify with it!

  7. Sakeena Gul on said:

    its good…short though..i think u can add up more and do justice….A writer need a lot of patience and stamina..n also nerves to face the criticism.. U can add up more of ur experiences..All the best for the next..Keep moving!!!!!

  8. ankita on said:

    appreciate yur interest n hard work.. n wish u success for future!

  9. I love writing in my blog or for other sites. But I HATE reading unless it is a short and touching piece..

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