The Silent Thunder

What do you see?

The one question that a person is asked after being shown a similar kind of picture is “What do you see?”

It is not the question, but the answer that varies from person to person and matters more. Though there are only two answers to this question, it helps us to know the outlook that person has on life and other things. The answer can be either “it is a picture of a glass half full” or “it is a picture of a glass half empty”.

If a person replies with “a glass half full”, we can deduce that the person is an optimist and always looks at the brighter side of things. On the other hand, if a person replies with “a glass half empty”, it can be deduced that the person is a pessimist and always looks at the negative side of things.

What I want to say through this post is that nobody’s life is smooth and perfect. Every person faces a problem of his own. But it is not the problems that we face as human beings that should matter to us. What should matter to us is the way we look at the problem. Every problem in this world has its own pros and cons, but we as humans tend to look at only the cons and keep on harping about the problem. What I suggest is that instead of harping about it, we should look at the pros of the problem and try to solve it. Maybe the problem that we are currently facing could be a blessing in disguise for us and could prove to be beneficial for us in the longer run.

Let me give you an example. Take the instance of a Monday morning when you are about to leave for office and it starts raining heavily. So heavily that you are unable to even step out of your house. The only solution that comes to your mind is to inform the office about you inability to come and then keep on cursing the sudden downpour for the rest of the day. What I suggest is that instead of cursing the rains you can do a lot of other things that you have missed on. Like catching up on your sleep as you couldn’t sleep properly for the past few days. Like going out and getting wet in the rain, and remembering the time when you along with your friends would get in the rains once upon a time. Like completing some pending household or official work that has been on your mind for quite some time now. If you look at the problem in a different manner, you’ll find umpteen number of ways to solve it.

I only want to say is that if there are problems, then why not try and solve them instead of harping about these problems. If there are pros and cons of a thing, why not look up for the pros instead of quarreling about the cons.

Lastly, if it is raining then why not wait for it to stop for the rare sight of a rainbow afterwards, instead of cursing the rains to stop you from going to work and miss the rare rainbow afterwards.

Problems are there and will keep on occurring, but it is the way to look at them that makes you a different person; and the world a better place.


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5 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. bethikarastogi on said:

    good one,very inspiring

  2. this view is not new and like cigarette is harmful every smoker knows, likewise, every persons knows about the two sides of any coin but ignores one based upon his/her background of dealing with problems and mental status. A person who got sick in the last rain, cannot find a way easily to appreciate rain. yes seeing a problem in a different way is beneficial as you relieve your secretion of bad hormones, which make you panic but every one possesses cognitive issues( cognitive disorders, like personalization, maximization and minimization, null or full thought; refer wikipedia) .

    on the other hand, i would like to comment about the traditional prediction of the person as a pessimist who looks at the empty part of the glass. the thing is , some times , looking at the negative is helpful, otherwise, if you are satisfied with the half emptiness of the glass you will never try to make it full. so, a person looking at the darker side can be a great visionary or an improver rather than a pessimist.

  3. I look that glass has HALF FULL 😀 so I am optimistic, hai na? Nice inspiring post 🙂

  4. I see hardly enough water to help if the entire room were to suddenly go up in flames. We’d all die a slow-burning and horribly painful death.

    So…which category do I fell under? 🙂

    Mark Rosendorf
    Author of The Rasner Effect series

    • Mr Rosendorf, if you are really an author, i would like to request you to contact me as i need some tips for writing.
      in answer to your question:
      i cant categorize people as i am not the psychiatrist but if you think that entire room is on fire try to get a fire extinguisher or simply get out of the room. when you know we’d all die with pain why you worry about it as its inevitable for any of us.

      if you see the entire room on fire and as you are talking about pain i think you are a kind of negative absorber, which i am rather i was too. but i cant say with confidence what makes your thinking like this. please dont think that i am against of your feeling, i just am trying to understand it.

      if you are afraid of the injection it will hurt more, if you can feel pleasure in pain it will hurt you less. both of the ways dont fall in right category, so i cant advise you to be sadist or crazy.

      one advice is that if you take the things as it is and accept it it will help and will help better than water.

      i am no expert of these things and according to me you fall in the category of temporary but severely negative person especially by this thought.

      Mark i wanna send you my work to get critics. please contact me , my mail id is

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