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Are we Independent?

On 15 August, 1947 India won freedom from the clutches of the British, who ruled us for 190 years, and became independent. On 15 August, 2011 India would be celebrating its 64th year of independence. Like every other year, this year also we would wake up in the morning, wish others Happy Independence Day, put it up as our status message on Facebook, listen to patriotic songs all day long, and go to sleep in the night. Some may also attend flag hoistings in their city. In the end, it will be like any other day of the week. Nothing special.

But, are we actually independent in the true sense of the word? Are we actually free from all worries? Was this the India our founding fathers dreamt of? Was the current situation we live in today their dream for the generations to come? The answer to all the above questions is ‘NO’.

We are not free from corruption at every level. We are not free from the fear of terrorism/terrorist attacks. We are not free from inflation. We are not free from the delay in justice. We are not free from red tapism. We are not free to speak out are heart and mind without the fear of getting arrested. Like these examples there may be many, many more. But we don’t know when will we be free and independent of them. It is true that we were born free, but it is also true that in the present times were are living in chains.

India became independent 64 years ago. But since then we are living in chains. The day India becomes free from corruption, terrorism, inflation, red tapism and such other vices, which have been eating away this country from the inside, that will be the day we would become independent once again, and that too in the true sense of the word. India was once known as the ‘golden bird’. It can be known as the ‘golden bird’ once again.


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6 thoughts on “Are we Independent?

  1. snehakedar on said:

    nice..I agree Abhishek, India is not an independent country. We still have to achieve a lot!
    But for that the change should start from us and each and every Indian…

  2. Are we really Independent?…..
    I am afraid bcoz it can’t be answered in a “YES” or “NO”….
    In fact there are countries where you cannot write…you cannot speak…you cannot protest against the Government…So personally I feel that we are somewhere in between…..and still there is a long way to go to be fully Independent.

  3. Anshuman Bose on said:

    I also think U R r8,bcoz India may have got independence 64 yrs ago,but it has not yet gained total independence or ‘poorna swaraj’ from all types of evils in society.

  4. India may still be burdened by a thousand ills, all rising from the selfish hearts of her children. But yes, I don’t hesitate in saying, we are independent. If we were not, you would not have been able to even put forward that question. We are buried under our own burden, but we are not captive. We are free to do what is needed to bring about the change needed. We are free to choose the right path and walk upon it.

    But are we willing to make use of that freedom for the good of our motherland? That is the question.

  5. vivek kumar yadav on said:

    i als things that india is not a independence because all people do not get egual right

  6. Amit on said:

    Nice and helpfull!!

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