The Silent Thunder

Another ‘WEDNESDAY’!

The blast outside the Delhi High Court on 7 September, 2011 is the latest addition to the ever increasing and never-ending list of terrorist attacks/blasts in India. This blast has brought the question that has been on our minds yet again to the forefront – When will this finally stop? The answer, unfortunately, is still unknown.

Every time such an incident occurs, all our country’s government does is to condemn, condemn, and only condemn these attacks. They also promise and assure the citizens of the country that these attacks/blasts would be investigated and the perpetrators would be brought to book. But, does that ever happen? The answer is ‘NO’. The only thing that happens is another attack/blast somewhere else in the country at some other time.

Since the time of the blast, news channels keep us giving minute-by-minute update of the happenings at the site, have talk and chat shows on their channels about the poor security arrangements and the work the government is doing, have debates between the common man and celebrities regarding such incidents. Our ministers keep on telling us to be safe and on high alert. The opposition condemns the government for its lackadaisical attitude towards these terrorist groups, who claim responsibility of these attacks, and its failure to curb this ever increasing menace. And, that is the end of it.

The common man has no other option than to get back to his usual routine the very next day. He is forced to forget what happened on the previous day, and goes to work as if nothing happened. These attacks/blasts are never investigated; the perpetrators are never brought to book; security arrangements are never beefed up; promises made by the politicians are better left forgotten; in the end it’s back to square one.

The next time another such incident occurs, we are forced to ask ourselves one question once again – When will this finally STOP?


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5 thoughts on “Another ‘WEDNESDAY’!

  1. This will not stop, not till you and I are alive perhaps….Terror is pretty much part of our daily lives now…we are in a position to blog and opine may be because not directly hit by it, those who are they gather themselves and try to move on….with tears and shivering souls…

  2. very true abhishek..its high time now. I wonder when would this stop?

  3. Mindbogglingly horrific. There is no end to insanity among the human race, the best we can do is to pray. I’m sorry for the tragedy you must see everyday.

  4. In so many parts of the world tragedies keep happening. I am so sorry that in your wonderful country such dreadful things are taking place, and yet from what you say your government are powerless to stop it. Bloggers like you have the power to make changes, no matter how slowly. Thank you for sharing this

  5. Its a crying shame!!A country three times our size can wipe out terrorism but we are sitting ducks for anyone to take a pot shot!

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